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Stitch N' Sew Cut-Away Heavy Wt Soft Stabilizer 20in

  • Stitch N' Sew Cut-Away Heavy Wt Soft Stabilizer 20in. The Non-Woven Heavy Weight Cut-Away Stabilizer can support embroidery design projects on heavier fabrics as well as those which sag and stretch. A heavy stabilizer is essential for high stitch count designs and dense line stitching. It is easy to sew through and provides just enough stability while embroidering in order to prevent tunneling and puckering.

    With general wash and wear, fabrics that pull can lead to distorted embroidery designs; this is why permanent stabilizers are necessary in these applications. This stabilizer works well for embroidering terry fleece, jackets, costumes, totes, and home décor items’ where only one side of the design is visible. (If you have ever worn an employer’s promotional embroidered logo top, a cut away stabilizer was likely used to support the design work.)

  • Non-Woven
  • Sew-In
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Single Sided
  • Washing/Drying instructions: Machine Washable/Dryable

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